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Welcome to the world of GECKO aka SCANNERS

My favorite hobby is drawing digitally, and I have some of my current favorites on my sketchbook page. I also love to make OCs and worlds for them. I want to set up a page with all my characters sometime, or at least the ones I'm currently working on, but as of now I do everything on google docs. I have a toyhouse and an oc sideblog on tumblr. I don't use toyhouse as much as I should though, since it's so easy to display characters there.

I'm working on a video games page, but be warned half these games I've never played since they're on systems I've never had or are impossible to find nowadays. Forever waiting on a Resident Evil HD Remaster treatment for Metal Gear Solid.

My favorite wrestlers are Penta Oscuro, Luchasaurus, and Wardlow.

I also have a fursona and his name is Digit; he's an alligator and the number 3 NIN fan on earth.

If you have any suggestions or want to talk, feel free to message me on tumblr, twitter, etc!


12/18/22: Layout changes to HOME and more MOVIES to the CINEMA.

12/19/22: Changed the main page font, made RED into GREEN, and learned that css sheets are easy, actually. There's a scroll bar here now, isn't it beautiful?

Pronouns: he/him

Current Status: upper back sore

Listening to: linkin park, nine inch nails, low roar

Playing: Yakuza 0

Watching: Di Gi Charat

Current Reccomendation: Crimes of the Future (2022)